mission is to create custom mobile
that help our clients

Our abc's


With dozens of projects behind us, we've built our knowledge base on how to leverage the mobile application to bring your project to the next level. Guided by enthusiasm for creating precise, clean, and useful applications we have created an environment that welcomes critique and aims for excellence.


We dare to go that extra mile no matter what by helping companies of all sizes - from startups to well-acknowledged ones with millions of users - reach their goals.


To meet our goals, we are following the latest technology trends and improving our processes day by day. Although we focus on mobile application development, we approach all of our projects from an angle where the mobile application is just a piece of a puzzle and has to fit in perfectly in a bigger picture.

We are
. A team of skilled and experienced engineers, located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Marko Aras - Lead iOS engineer

with 8 years of experience in the iOS development and dozens of project delivered, happy users are what brings a smile to Marko's face

Filip Pranklin - Lead Android engineer

being it caves or technologies, Filip gets thrilled by exploring new things daily

Krešimir Levarda - iOS engineer

Apple fanboy for as long as he can remember, who settles for nothing less than the Apple would

Marta Dulibić - Android engineer

with a passion for design and UI, not a pixel gets neglected

Marko Benačić - iOS engineer

"you learn something new every day", eager to learn new things and apply them to real life projects

Domagoj Kolega - Android engineer

the "design patterns guy", a true engineer that leaves no edge case unhandled

Filip Veček - QA engineer

nothing can pass his sharp eye, even the slightest UI details

Andre Flego - iOS engineer

top results are the only outcome, no surprise he fell in love with the Apple ecosystem immediately