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Apple keeps on releasing new stuff all the time, and our iOS team loves to try out every new piece of tech or equipment as soon as it becomes available. Our most used stack is XCode, Swift, UIKit, RxSwift and MVVM architecture, but this is slowly pivoting toward SwiftUI and Combine.

iOS application development

Google is working on making the Android OS a safer environment right as we speak, and we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends this platform has to offer. In our day-to-day development we use Android Studio, Kotlin, RxJava and/or Kotlin Coroutines coupled together using MVVM architecture. Lately we've been playing with Jetpack Compose, as it's the new thing Google wants everyone to use when creating a user interface.

Android application development

Quality assurance spans through both our QA and dev teams. First checkpoint - mutual dev peer review. Team members look at each other's code and make sure there are no technical errors and all obvious user flows work as advertised. Then our QA team steps in and thoroughly tests every user flow conceivable in an attempt to prevent future users from taking the app into an unwanted state. Finally, we make sure implemented functionality is aligned with our client's needs and what users would want. This also includes non-functional requirements like app performance, overall stability and backwards-compatibility.

Quality assurance

Our approach

Love what you do

Having a passion for what you do is a big thing for us. We are a team of individuals who love mobile applications and shiver at the sight of poor implementations.


Focused on delivering top-notch solutions, all of the applications getting out of our door have to meet our high standards. Apps we build are there to stay for a long time.


With guidelines in mind, driven by the data, our goal is to deliver applications that have the user in focus. We love discussing different approaches and solutions with the term to put user satisfaction as our top priority.

Bring more to the table

Writing code is just one part of developing mobile applications. Communication is a huge part of our processes and we put great effort into our communication channels with clients as well as with the end users. We love sharing fresh ideas and brainstorming new ones over the morning coffee.